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A Single Swab. A Future of Possibilities.

Take hold of your future health with MyDNA360, a comprehensive, simple do-it-yourself DNA test that provides health insights catered to your high-risk health areas.

Covering over across 380+ reports based on your unique genetic blueprint, MyDNA360 provides meaningful life-changing steps to help you be ready for whatever comes in the future.

Have you ever had the following questions?

Could this happen to me ?

Stop guessing.

Get the answers backed by real science, try MyDNA360

What is MyDNA360

Malaysia’s Most Comprehensive DNA Test, focusing on critical genetic markers that go beyond helping you in understanding your health.

MyDNA360 guides you into knowing your genes. 

Your genes are the blueprint of how your health is and will be in the future.

Why Choose MyDNA360?


MyDNA360 provides distinctive features in 10 health categories not found in other DNA testing brands.

Each report comes with a complimentary healthcare consultation by our healthcare professionals, offering personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice to enhance your diet, exercise, and health.


Our ISO-certified labs process and analyze your DNA with exceptional accuracy. MyDNA360 uses an exclusive genomic databank focused on the Asian population genome, enhancing result significance.

Our labs utilize the latest qPCR technology for precise scans of your protein-coding genes, delivering more comprehensive and accurate results that matters to you. Take control of your health and act early to shape your future well-being.


When your DNA samples are collected at the privacy of your own home, MyDNA360 encodes an anonymous ID special to you.

So your results remain private.

You decide what to share.


Critical genotypes relating to metabolic diseases, gynaecological diseases like endometriosis, UTI, neuronal disorders like Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson's, cardiovascular diseases like stroke, atrial fibrillation, cancers like breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, gastro-esophageal cancer.

We help you to focus on critical health issues that matter in the longterm.

What healthcare professionals are saying about MyDNA360

"I have been thoroughly impressed with the validity and reliability of MyDNA360's genetic test results. As a community pharmacist, I trust accurate genetic information to provide personalized healthcare to my patients, and MyDNA360 has consistently delivered. Their privacy measures are top-notch, ensuring that patient data remains secure. I wholeheartedly recommend their services."

Ph Lim En Ni / Community Pharmacist

"Helping my patients to be aware of their health risks in invaluable. Gaining knowledge on their genetic makeup via MyDNA360's genetic tests is the best thing I’ve ever done for my patients because of the impact it will have on their lives long term. Their testing procedures are not only accurate but also incredibly thorough."

Ph Lee Yin Chen / Deputy president Malaysian Guild of Pharmacist

"MyDNA360's genetic tests are a genetic counselor's dream come true. The comprehensiveness of their results is unmatched, allowing me to provide my clients with a wealth of valuable information. I trust MyDNA360 to provide my clients with the most comprehensive genetic insights available."

Prof. Hamdan / Certified Genetic Counselor

"MyDNA360's genetic testing has been an invaluable tool in my pediatric practice. The results are not only accurate but also reliable, enabling me to offer the best care possible to my young patients. MyDNA360's commitment to patient privacy gives parents peace of mind about their child's genetic data.”

Dr. Lee Seung Kil / Pediatric Medical Doctor

How MyDNA360 has impacted our customers

"As a mom of two young kids I want to do everything possible to make sure their future health is protected. Knowing their metabolism health risks is invaluable – MyDNA360 is the best thing I’ve ever done for my family because of the impact it will have on their lives long term."

Putri Sarah / Mother of two

"I’ve been hoping to get a hold of MyDNA360 test since last year but was indecisive. I am glad I finally did it this year. Super informative and useful, the report actually shed light on my risks of breast cancer. I went for checkup after that and had a malignant lump removed. Thank you MyDNA360 to prompt me to be alert for early detection! "

Mei Ling / Accountant

"After the MyDNA360 test, I adjusted my healthy lifestyle to reduce future genetic illness risk by adding strength and endurance activities to my workouts. The test also uncovered important information about a predisposed disease, increasing my motivation to stay healthy."

Jeft / Finance Consultant

"MyDNA360's genetic testing has changed my world view on how I live my life. No more overload of alcohol as I have high risks of liver cancer. I am impressed with MyDNA360's commitment to patient privacy as it is something that I hold dear. “

NguyenThien / Chief Operating Officer of ARPLA Vietnam

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What is MyDNA360?

MyDNA360 is the Malaysia's most comprehensive DNA test that helps you to understand your health by understanding your genetic risks, so you can make informed decisions about your health with full confidence.

Our do-it-yourself test provides 400+ analysis about your health risks covering metabolic diseases, neuronal degeneration, cancers, and much more with a simple cheek swab.

The results are ready within 21 business days and it comes with our complimentary healthcare consultation, so you do not need to guess.

Is my data and privacy safe?

MyDNA360 established stringent leading international security ISO-standard, where we implement physical, technical, and administrative measures to prevent any unauthorized access to, or disclosure of, your sensitive information.We do not sell, lease, or rent your personal information to any third party without your explicit consent.

Your data are safe outside of MyDNA360 for marketing or other purposes. You are the only individual or party who is able to authorize how your information is used, stored, and shared with others.

Your data belongs to you and MyDNA360 respects that.

Why are MyDNA360 priced differently than standard blood tests available?

MyDNA360 uses advanced genetic sequencing technology, which involves extracting, amplification and analysis of your DNA.

This method analyze, profile and interprets your genetic codes that determines your characteristics and health vulnerabilities, before any symptoms exhibits itself.

Because it is in your genes, this only needs to be assessed once in your lifetime.

A standard bloodtest can inform you of your current state of health, but it does not provide information on your future risks, that is already encoded inside you.

Bloodtests are done when symptoms show up or regular checkups are required. The results vary from time to time.
While it is important if done at the right time, bloodtests cannot tell us about our inherent health risks ahead of time.

MyDNA360 is priced very affordable taking into account the accuracy, comprehensiveness, and advanced technology that is used to generate the results.

What do I do after I receive my sample collection kit?

Please make sure to activate your kit to connect your sample to your MyDNA360 kit prior to returning.

You must return your sample to the sender address via our complimentary return form included.

Please do not throw away any of your return material(s), as removing the documentation could cause delay or failure of your sample return.

1. Understanding Your Prepaid Shipping Materials

Kindly note that all return shipping items are already prepaid by MyDNA360 and this is a complimentary service that we provide to all our MyDNA360 customers and will be at no additional cost to you when you return your sample.

Included with each MyDNA360 kit order, you may receive additional return shipping items, pending on your location.
Please do not throw away any of these items, as removing the documentation could cause delays or failure of your sample’s return shipment to our laboratory.

2. Preparing Your Sample For Return

Before preparing your sample for return, please ensure that you have activated your kit via our MyDNA360 QR code.

After you have collected your sample, seal it in the specimen envelope and place it in the return box.
We recommend that you arrange for the return of your sample at your earliest convenience.

3. What Happens Next

Once your sample reaches our laboratory, it may take up to 21 business days to receive your personalised results.
Once ready, our customer service team will contact you via the registered contact to arrange for a complimentary consultation.

What happens when my sample reaches your laboratory?

MyDNA360 is available to you in collaboration with our world-class laboratory partner TCI Gene Inc., a leading genomics-driven health sciences company with its own global laboratories and databanks.

Every sample we receive is treated with care according to international quality standards and effective protocols in place for handling samples and DNA test processes.

Step 1: Inventory and Visual Inspection
When your sample arrives at one of our laboratories, it is entered into our lab's inventory system.
Your sample is visually inspected by our lab technicians prior to start of analytical steps.

Step 2: DNA Extraction
After your sample passes the visual inspection, DNA is extracted from the sample. Your cells are broken open and genomic DNA is extracted from your collected buccal cells, fragmented and amplified to populate your profiles' libraries. This is to ensure that our results are done with high accuracy you expect from us.

Step 3: DNA Analysis
Samples submitted for the MyDNA360 tests are analysed using SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) Detection System which is capable of reading protein-coding genes in your DNA with high accuracy and specificity. MyDNA360 assesses these data collected via our proprietary genome databank that encompasses diverse ethnicity population with the appropriate density.

Step 4: Report Generation
Upon successful analysis of your DNA, your results are compiled and interpreted to generate a user-friendly and actionable personalised report just for you!

All MyDNA360 test samples are processed with international quality standards and effective protocols in place for handling samples and DNA test processes.
We have had external validation completed by multiple bodies including ISO17025, ISO13485, ISO9001, with proven analytical accuracy of 99.5%+.

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